Discovering my sacred art form.

As a creative entrepreneur, I am constantly thinking about how to position myself and my work, and how to make money from what I create.

Because of this, I think it's so important to have at least ONE art form deemed as 'sacred'.

What does 'sacred' really mean?

  • I do not place any expectations on it.
  • I do not say to it, "One day I hope you'll make me a ton of money".
  • I do not try to make it more palatable and digestible for others.
  • I accept it wholly for what it is.
  • I let it breathe and be.

Lately my sacred art form has been abstract painting.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.26.14 PM.png

Up until a few months ago, I'd been making stuff (drawings, videos, photographs, collages, paintings) every single day for over a year, but nothing felt like a true expression of myself.

I wanted my first year of making to be carefree and light—I drew coffee cups, and trees, and houses, and stylish women. I didn't put the expectation on myself to be able to dig that deep right out of the gate.

Until one day I woke up and just felt so... dry. I was at a point where I couldn't go on making 'art' that didn't feel like I was in it.

So I sat down and said,

"God, if you're up there, I need you to show up today. I've been showing up for the past year, and I feel like I'm all alone in this. I need you to show up. I don't know how much longer I can go on like this."

And he/she/the universe/it... DID. I immediately felt like a dam released and I could FINALLY express my emotions. I felt like I'd woken up from a coma where everyone's just been sitting at my bedside, waiting, watching, putting their words in my mouth.

After this deep, opening experience, I decided to keep this one, special, honest art form... completely sacred.

I have a few of my original pieces for sale on my site, but I am not expecting anything to come from them. I feel like I've finally found a medium and process that I COMPLETELY am fulfilled by, and if I never make a single dollar off of these works, that won't change the fact that I NEED and LOVE to make them. With every fiber of my being.

And that, is sacred.