Thoughts on art criticism (part 1).

After receiving an email from an art historian/curator criticizing my work, I felt the desire to write a series on art criticism.

..a series because my "official" opinion is still in the process of being formed. ;)

As of today, here are my thoughts/questions:

For me, art is an entirely subjective and personal journey. I set no expectations or boundaries around my work. It is my time to let go and not think, to just feel and make marks.

Because of this, I tend to view criticism (in my case) as irrelevant. I realize this as my truth, in this moment. I'm sure as I continue to create and learn this may change.

But I wonder what place criticism has in work like mine—highly personal, expressive, non-technical..

How can someone criticize what is purely a personal expression?

I am replying to this woman with my thoughts and questions, and look forward to hearing what she has to say. I'll report back as I delve into this topic further!

What do you think? Is art criticism relevant and necessary? Can it be harmful? Is it circumstantial? Share in the comments below or email me!

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