But do you have the RIGHT idea?

So you have an idea, you say?

An idea for… your future biz, your artwork, your life plan, your next move, your New Year’s resolutions…

But is it the RIGHT idea?

Deciding if you have the right idea is the hardest thing ever. To take you through the figuring-it-out process, I’ve created a super practical flowchart for you.

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Get the gist?

There is no RIGHT idea.

There are just different ideas. Each with its pros and cons, and every point weighted differently, which makes that whole pro/con list thing awfully complicated.

About a year ago an idea came to me. I knew I ultimately wanted to work for myself, but I had a pretty cool day job that I wasn’t ready to quit. So I decided to move forward with my idea—I wanted to cut my work hours to half-time so I could take on a few freelance clients while keeping my job. I pitched the idea to my boss. 

She said yes!

That liiiiittle idea—just one step—changed everything for me.

I stopped waiting for the RIGHT idea and moved forward my one, present, 'mini' idea. The fastest way to figure out if your idea will work? Make a small batch and taste test!

This is the point of my ebook EXPERIMENT, and has been the theme of my life.

Here’s what experimenting with mini ideas looks like for me:

  • Went to school for journalism
  • After graduating realized I didn’t want to do that
  • Tried travel writing, didn't like it
  • Moved to marketing and communications, closer, but not quite my jam..
  • Morphed into graphic design, got tired of working for others
  • Tried freelancing, I like it!
  • Beginning to make my own products and sell my art

It’s all an experiment. Test. Pivot. Test. Pivot.

And I’m sure I will pivot at least 2840239 more times before I die.

Does it sometimes come down to a gut feeling? Yes. But I find that instead of putting so much weight and pressure on CHOOSING THE RIGHT IDEA, just say, ‘Hey, I’ll try this little thing first, and go from there.’

You don’t have to quit your job, or cover a massive floor-to-ceiling canvas in oil paint, or move to Paris TOMORROW.

You can start small TODAY. Start where you are with whatever small or big idea that’s tugging at your curiosity. Wake up tomorrow, see how you feel, and go from there.

It’s that simple. There’s no RIGHT idea.

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