Why I closed enrollment for my course.

Recently I launched early enrollment for my course Make Your Mark. I brewed a pot of coffee at midnight. I stayed up til 3am writing, editing, optimizing. I went over my launch checklist again and again and again. I hit 'SEND.'

I went to bed with a sinking feeling in my stomach.
I woke up with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

At noon, I closed the shop. I deleted every Instagram post and Facebook mention of the course. I spent the next day under the covers, embarrassed, crying and questioning everything I'd worked so hard for.

Why? Before I get into that, I need to tell you:

I am NOT launching Make Your Mark right now. I AM still making it, but I don't exactly know what IT is yet. Maybe a course. Maybe a book. Maybe a video series. Maybe something totally different, or exactly the same. All I know is, I am not ready to sell it to you right now. To those of you who were interested in the course—thank you. I truly am grateful, and I'm sorry if this change is confusing or disappointing.

Now here’s what happened.

When I started making this course I stopped listening to my creativity. I started envisioning making a bunch of money (nothing wrong with that). I started listening to fancy online biz people talk about how they made $100K on their first course launch. I thought I should to follow their MUST-HAVE'S for it to be 'successful'.

I started ignoring that little rebellious voice inside that says “You don’t have to do it their way”.

So I followed the biz people's lead. I started offering ‘content upgrades’. I pimped out my website with opt-in forms and emotional language. I announced a pre-sale 'early enrollment' for my course.

“You can get PAID to MAKE your product”, they squealed over Periscope! Well, okay! That sounds amazing! I gave it a go.

Annnnnnd it felt like complete crap. I felt like I was lying (even though I wasn't, technically) and trapped. Giving you guys the OUTLINE of the course without having CREATED the whole thing yet put an immovable box around my creativity and vision.

Online business resources can be super helpful and motivating, but it's crucial to remember why you are making something, and at the end of EVERY day check in with your gut to see if there are any red flags.

My red flags:

  1. I never wanted to make a 'course'. I've actually always cringed at that idea, even though I love taking courses from others. Go figure.
  2. I started focusing on money and numbers and flashiness instead of the art or what would be most helpful to those taking the course.
  3. I was more excited to market the course than actually make it.
  4. I lost that buzzy feeling I get when I'm making something I truly love + believe in. (That's the only way I can describe it!)

That's where I am now. It was a rough experience, but today I stand in clarity and confidence that all of this happened to give me a great business/creative lesson that I will never forget. I hope sharing this story is helpful to you in some way.

Are you going through a similar experience? Please feel free to share in the comments below.