Know this about your worth. Then make your art. [Plus a free creative exercise for you!]

Your worth does not depend on their opinion.

I love to sit down for morning pages and take inventory of my emotions.


1. Hesitant

2. Blocked

3. Uncomfortable

4. Yearning

During this specific writing sesh, I went on and filled up the page with notes from a dream last night, the day's goals and intentions, and the current weather (rainy, cold, and windy, in case you were wondering).

I needed a mental shift to start the day, so I started drawing tiny little love notes and affirmations in every single blank space on the page until I got to this one. "Your worth does not depend on their opinion."

I had to take it to the drawing board.

So I drew it in oil pastel and marker and scribbled it on a small pad and in a big A4 sketchbook. The message was inside of me and I couldn't get it out the way I wanted to. 

I slammed my fists on the desk and cursed and even began to cry.

I finally realized that I needed to stand up and make it big. I filmed the process and finally felt the RELIEF of having expressed it. ..then I was moved back to the drawing board to cover the whole thing up.

And like that, it's gone. But the thing is, it's really not.

Worth does not depend on opinion. [tweet]

It also does not depend on:

your work
your art
your life
your income
their support
their opinion
their vote
their follow

Know this. Learn this. Believe this. Remember this. Then make your art. 

Whatever you do or do not does not change the fact that you are worthy.

Your worth is because you are. [tweet]

Creative Exercise!

Go make something right now. Could be as simple as a bunch of hearts on a napkin. When you think you're done, turn it on its head. Paint over it. Tear it up. Take it outside and stomp on it. Throw food at it. Hang it out in the rain. Draw lipstick circles all over it. 

Look at it again and do whatever you want with it. Hang it up on your bedroom wall or post it on the library bulletin board or burn it in the fireplace.

And while you do that remember that it doesn't mean anything about you. You could've never even made it in the first place and still have been just as worthy as you are now.

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