You can rest.

Do you fight for what you want?

I do.

Does a lot of your personal identity revolve around the idea of bucking the system, of doing it — life — your way?

Mine does.

The past nine years of my adult life have been all about these two things. I've been starting and quitting and moving and working and chasing.

I know work ethic is super important. I'm all for the hustle. I believe in going after what you really want — getting up and making things happen. But at some point.. it's time to rest.


Sometimes we don't know how or when to stop running even though our bodies, minds, souls... need to float. Sometimes (most of the time) we need to be know that it doesn't have to be a constant battle.

Stop thinking. Stop planning. Stop tweaking.

You can rest.

I've been house-sitting in Boulder for a week now. With one month left to go, I began hunting for a room or apartment to rent for the winter. After just a week of looking — wa-lah! — a fantastic option landed right in my lap, like it was meant to be. A sweet, clean house. A nice, funny roommate. An awesome location close to friends. A separate space for art making. It felt just right.

And here's the thing. I couldn't just let it be.

I continued mining through Craigslist at least five times a day. My mind kept reeling. What if this? What about that? Do I really want to be in Colorado? I could be there. Or there. I could find a better deal. I could live in the van for just one more month and save money.

And then my intuition spoke, loud and clear:

You can rest.

There are unlimited options of how to live our lives. You could change it all tomorrow if you really wanted to. But what if we listened to our gut from the get-go? What if we didn't question what felt right? What if we trusted?

Maybe it's time to stop the fight. Maybe it doesn't have to be so hard. Maybe you can just let this unravel in its own perfect way. Maybe it's time to believe in the possibility of having what you really, truly want and need.

Maybe you need to hear it, too:

You can rest.

You can rest.

Amanda Sandlin7 Comments