Van life organized neatly.

File this under "just for fun". I still can't believe everything I own (except for one big puffy parka at my mom's house) is in this van. 


It wasn't always easy to pare down, either. Although I typically love purging unused or no-longer-loved items, there were quite a few cherished items I parted with to live in the van. Like a gorgeous wool rug from West Elm that I bought for my first apartment, an old vintage Schwinn I had since high school, and other sentimental, consciously-curated bits.

While it does feel freeing to live so minimally, I do crave the creature comforts that come with living in a structure where you can actually stand up. Like a real bed. And more than one pillow. And a kitchen you don't have to set up every time you want to boil water. ;)

But hey, for now, this is life. And I love it.

Check out this quick timelapse of how the above photo came to be!


Confession: Almost everything I own is pictured here. (IE: Not my delicates, because sometimes ya just gotta keep it classy, friends).