Choosing Quiet + Trust

Business and creativity can go through weird funks just like any other aspect of life. In the past I've tried to 'fix' my way out of these lulls, but this time around I am choosing to be quiet and simply trust that everything will begin flowing again when the time is right.

It is okay to go quiet. It is okay to feel uncertain. It is okay to not be UP all the time. Honor your rhythms.

But I still wanted to pop in, say hello, and wish everyone a happy summer/winter/holiday time. (It's officially summer in the Southern Hemisphere!)

If you're going through a low-energy phase, know you're not alone. Here are a few wise words that people have shared recently, along with resources that may help:

  • James Victore 'Choose Joy' Burning Questions Video: "Let everything happen to you — the beauty & the terror — but just keep going, because no feeling is final."
  • For When You're Actually NOT Okay [A Self-Care Printable]
  • Words from my coach/therapist, Angie Dairou: "You can trust this "winter' part of your rhythm. Instead of judging yourself for not being in summer more often, you can really trust that this is your life energy wanting to make your growth sustainable."
  • Thoughts from an amazing woman in my mastermind group: "I don't think we should have to struggle everyday to work towards our dream, I think that sometimes it's simply a matter of time - it was for me. Shift your fear into feeling safe ... then the rest will follow."
  • And, of course, always go back to gratitude. Even if you can just name three teeny tiny things you are grateful for — chapstik, drinkable tap water, this nice-smelling candle — it really helps to raise your vibration.
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