Make Your Mark: A Community for Artistic Connection

Last month I had a false-start when I launched the pre-sale for a course called 'Make Your Mark'. I quickly realized that it wasn't the right move for me (you can read more about that here), but I still wanted to build an online community for aspiring + current artists.

I am starting small and testing out an idea — Make Your Mark: A Community for Artistic Connection. It's free, private, and you can join on Facebook right here.

Make Your Mark is a safe space for current + aspiring fine artists to share their work and connect in an genuine way.

I made this group because I would LOVE to build a support system of artists who genuinely care. I am a part of some other "creative" groups on Facebook, but most of them are filled with people selling things and not engaging in a deep, honest that way I so crave.

I envision us sharing our creations and the process behind them—what does this work mean to you, why did you make it, how do you feel about it?

It's a space to get REAL with one another.

I also want to bring in some working artists I look up to every month to provide us with insight and feedback on our work.

In Make Your Mark, you can expect to:

  • Engage in honest conversation about creativity + art
  • Find collaborators
  • Get constructive critiques (only if you want 'em!)
  • Share + listen to others' fears/challenges around art
  • Go deeper as an artist

This is NOT a place for:

  • Being harsh/condescending
  • Selling
  • Mindless encouragement OR critique

Join the group for free here!

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