The Moments You Say "Let's DO THIS."

This is your life. Your one life. (That you know about.) This is it, right now. Right this second. Isn’t that something? 

What will you do with your next second? Minute? Week? Year?

What will matter most in 40 years? I have a hunch it won’t be the clients, or the fame, or the money, or the business, or even the great inventions and ideas.

It will be your stories. How much you loved. What you gave. The moments you said, “Let’s DO THIS,” as you ran into the tide, or got McDonald’s drive-thru at 2 a.m. and laughed so hard with your best friend and it was SO good, or fell into a sea of love. All the littlest pleasures that you allowed yourself to delicately soak in every moment of instead of checking emails or getting “shit done” that doesn’t really matter much to you anyway.

Less thinking. More living.
Less work. More play.
Less worrying. More smiling.
Less plans. More action.
Less wishing. More doing.

Let it be so easy. Let it be spontaneous. Let it be whimsical.

Let it be pure light.