Stay awake. Dream. Practice.

A few creative lessons I've learned since moving back to the States

1. The BEST thing you can do for your creativity when you're going through a tough time is to stay awake. Not literally. You actually need a decent amount of sleep. I mean stay awake emotionallymentally, spiritually. Don't take the easy road and numb out through emotional eating, drinking, or mindless entertainment.

2. Be intentional about setting aside time to dream. In the past I've focused so much on the doing. Make make make. While that's important, like everything, there are cycles. Some days you act practically and put pen to paper, some days you get lost in your mind, reflect, dream, and set intentions on where to go next.

3. If you want to get good at something, it just takes time and practice -- two things we humans kind of suck at. But seriously, that's all it takes. Keep showing up.

4. Always always always nurture the seed of faith that it'll all work out.