How to live spectacularly.

Last week a dear friend and I had an emotional conversation. She told me she felt like I'd been judgmental of her lifestyle — one which, on the outside, society might consider "normal". (Even though I don't believe in normal, and I think she is spectacular.)

Hearing this absolutely broke my heart. I never want to make anyone feel like I think my lifestyle is more or better than theirs. Each of us has different wants, needs, and dreams. That's what makes this world so dang awesome!

I am vocal about this chapter of life because I feel SO amazed that almost every day I can actually do what I want. But my goal has never been convince you to live on the road. I share because I simply must get all these emotions and experiences out of me.


After the initial pain, this conversation with my friend ended up being super inspiring because I actually really admire her and think what she's doing — finding the love of her life; caring for animals; moving to her dream city — is so rad.

So I want to just say that your life doesn't have to look like mine (or anyone else's) for it to be wild, adventurous, creative, spectacular.

You can be the most adventurous person you know and never leave the country. You can be super creative and never pick up a paint brush. Wildness, creativity.. these are states of mind and being.

What truly inspires me is a person who is actively seeking and creating a life they love. Whatever that means to them. That's it!

Ultimately what leaves the greatest impression on anyone is a person who is ALIVE. [tweet]

I've met folks on the road who are unfulfilled, lifeless, bitter, dull. I've also met people who own a home on an acre of land and have a kid and chickens and it's SO obvious that they are ALIVE and full of JOY. The latter is the person I want to be around.

The greatest experiences during this trip haven't been arriving at new places or summiting peaks, but spending time with old and new friends, in their homes. Watching them share a pot of coffee with their love. Feeling their warmth and welcomeness as they proudly give me a tour of their neighborhood and local ice cream joints. Being invited to spaghetti dinners and treated like I'm a part of the family. Seeing their creative spaces, so full of vigor and life.

Being told, "You are welcome here any time. Any time." 

Love. That's pure love.

And that is what's spectacular. 

Without these people, this trip wouldn't be half of what it is.

They are alive. They are in love with the lives they've crafted, and they want to share that love.

And that's all that matters. What makes you come alive? That's the whole thing! That's how to live spectacularly — be ALIVE and let your aliveness leave no one who comes across it the same.