I don't feel ready to live on the road.

The closer I get to living on the road, the farther away it all seems. When I returned from New Zealand a month ago, I was SO ready to just get a van and go.

Arriving in Florida was surprisingly a pretty big culture shock. Daily life went from walking everywhere, living near the rugged coastline, having no climate control in the house, eating minimal amounts of meat, not owning a car...


...to living in suburbia, needing a car to get anywhere (except a new grocery store that just opened down the street, yay!), staying in a gated community, watching cable television, and being tempted and eating lots of processed foods (hello, chocolate cereal at midnight).

At first I desperately missed the simplicity of life in Welly. Everything here felt foreign and unnatural. But now I've gotten used to it all, and I'm actually quite comfortable.

And now the thought of living in a van is starting to sound all like... WHAT????

Can I really get by...

  • Running my business from the road? 
  • Waking up in the back of my van every day?
  • Making coffee, lunch, dinner.. in the van? 
  • Showering in Planet Fitnesses?
  • Having limited access to Internet?
  • Finding new friends to climb and do outdoor things with?

All of these questions are starting to freak me out, and I want to share about this experience before the actual #atwildwoman adventure starts because it's all a part of it.

While these questions are so specific, the feeling of doubt before a major life change is pretty much universal. It can be easy to dream, but when it comes time to take action, fear can easily hold us back.

When you get to this point, you can either stay comfortable, keep things the same, settle... or continue on with your journey and believe that it will all work out (even if that doesn't look exactly how you imagine). Trust.

This is the one life we know about for certain. What stories do you want to tell your grandkids (or friends' grandkids) when you're 80-something and look back on your life?

I want look back one day & say "It was wild & I was alive." [tweet this]

You'll never feel totally ready. No regrets. Onward!