This is not our job.

It took me a long time to understand that it's not my job to make people get me.

If someone doesn't like you, get you, appreciate you, respect you.. it's on them. This is not your responsibility. There will always be someone who will not get you. They won't get why you want to live in another country. Or be single. Or cut your own hair. Or jump off the corporate ladder and freelance instead.

People may call you "weird", "off", "a hippie", "unrealistic", "living on her own planet".

Illustration inspiration courtesy of Kate of  Birch and Pine

Illustration inspiration courtesy of Kate of Birch and Pine


I may not want to be married, or have kids, or buy a house.. but I totally can understand and respect folks who want those things. Neither of our situations is better, cooler, or more exciting. Each is right for us, and each is truly spectacular.

It is not your job to make me get you.
It is not my job to make you get me. [tweet]

Someone even once asked if I had a personality disorder. (I think she was kidding, but still, she said it).

"That's [living in a van] something that people with personality disorders do. Do you have a personality disorder?"

Meh. Maybe she doesn't get it. Not my job.

Be you. Quirks, curiosities, outlandish ideas, crazy hair, paint under your fingernails 'n' all. And when someone butts their head against your dreams, just remind yourself: Not my job.