The Meaning Of Life (To Me)

I've always been a big thinker. I often get lost in a mental mission to discover both the meaning of life in general, and the purpose of my life individually. And that can be a pretty daunting and sometimes sobering question to wrestle.

But you guys, I did it. I finally discovered the meaning of life! This is IT. (To me.)

Life is to be experienced, and experimented with.

Okay, so maybe it's not the ultimate purpose of humanity as a whole, but right now, for me... you know what? It's good enough. And sometimes you just gotta roll with good enough, folks.

So for now, I'll say this: Keep exploring. Keep trying and testing. Do ridiculous-sounding things. Astound yourself. Question your sanity. Keep pushing. 

I like to regularly ask myself, 'What is the most outrageous thing I can try today?'

Sometimes it'll be a dynamic, grand, romantic idea that'll change everything. Sometimes it'll be, 'Eat that entire carton of ice cream in bed and neglect all my work.' Do it. Do it for the sake of experimentation. Do it because you want to. And then the next day, do something else. 

Society will never progress or change unless there are individuals willing to try something different, think bigger than the usual, and risk falling on our faces.

What's the point of all this if we're not moving, changing, trying, failing, and trying again?

What will you try today? How will you move forward this week? What can you do to live today fully? What do you need to explore?

Amanda SandlinComment