A month-long experiment in gut-based biz decision making.

A couple weeks ago I declared July the month of intuitive business decision making. For one month my pal Sian Richardson and I have decided to do a gut check on every choice we make in our businesses and only say yes to what lights us up and feels 100% right.

We talked it out and asked, "What's the worst that could happen?" Maybe we won't make money and we'll have to put expenses on a credit card or dip into our savings a bit. Okay.

And then we asked...

"But what's the BEST that could happen?"

Maybe we'll have a blast. Maybe we'll learn something transformative. Maybe we'll book a dream gig. Maybe we'll take a much-needed rest. Maybe a glorious new creative idea will unveil itself.

The mysterious excitement of the second question was enough to convince us to try. And so our experiment has begun!

It hasn't even been a week but I've already nixed one project that's been on my to-do list for... months. (Why does it sometimes take us so long to realize what must go?) I went quiet over the weekend instead of feeling the obligation to share on Instagram. And I've decided to stick to a higher quote that feels right to me for a potential project, at the risk of the client saying 'no'.

And then this thought appeared:

What if we stopped trying to make an impression, make our mark, make waves, and instead simply navigated toward what we loved most?

What would that mean for our businesses, our relationships, our art?

I've realized this is the essence of July's theme — making decisions from an internal place of intentional action rather than outward-based reaction.

It initially seems scary, but I have quiet, complete faith that my gut will not lead me astray.

I'm ready to play the mindful long-game rather than choose short-term satisfaction and security.

Care to join us? It's an experiment for just one month. You could do it with anything — business, art, or personal life. In August we can all go back to business as usual... or maybe some things will change for good.

Feel free to follow along and share your experiences with us on Instagram @sianricho & @amandsandlin.

Toss aside the shoulds, the expectations, the guilt, & follow your gut where ever it may lead. [tweet]

One month. What's the best that could happen?