On going slow & continual forgiveness.

It's hard work to slow down these days, especially as an entrepreneur living on the road. Slowing down goes against everything we're taught and brought up with in our modern society of hyper-connectedness and hustle..

Fast food.
Quick cash.
Instagram hacks.
Express trains.
5-minute abs.

Where are we going? What will really happen when we get there? Once we do, will we really be there, or will there immediately be a new place to be/thing to do/person to see?


When I started living in my van, I had a schedule and a set number of things I wanted to accomplish every day. I wanted to make coffee and write and meditate and paint and take photographs and draw and exercise and read and drive AND have a super productive client work day.

Every day. 

That's insanity.

I have a long way to go to figuring out a healthy new rhythm, but here's how slowing down looks so far:

5 mph under the speed limit.
Windows down.
Taking 15 extra minutes to enjoy that view.
Not making promises to be there by X date/time.
Avoiding massive highways as much as possible.
Staying an extra night.
Putting the phone AWAY.
Continual forgiveness.

Why the rush? What's more than here?

Foot off the gas. Windows down. Enjoy the [slow] ride. [tweet this]