An Excerpt From EXPERIMENT (My Ebook!)

In 2015 I launched my first ebook. *Hooray!*

It's all about the gradual changes I made and little steps I took to transition to full-time freelance and self-employment. 

In the beginning, the advice I heard from well-meaning entrepreneurs was stuff like, "You need to be so insanely passionate and totally love and believe in what you do, because soon your entire life will be devoted to it."

I didn't buy that theory, and instead took a slightly less dramatic approach. I believe it's all an experiment — life, business, everything — and that is how I looked at entrepreneurship.

Truth is, you don't need to have all the answers. You won't be without doubt. You will change your mind. You can start from someplace small and perhaps even "wrong." Because you've just gotta start.

And that's what my book is all about! How to start, where to start, little steps you can take to yield big results down the road.

Everyone's experience will be different, but I want to share how I did it. I believe anyone can, and hope my writings will help give you the tools to test the waters on your own terms.

Here's a short but super important exerpt from Chapter 1...

Know & love yourself.

When you jump into full-time self-employment, you are your biggest asset and best friend. Knowing yourself — what you enjoy, what lights you up, what calms you down — is crucial to being successful and happy as an entrepreneur, and a human.

And, of course, loving yourself makes the whole thing a lot easier. I couldn’t imagine entering and enduring entrepreneurship without genuinely caring for and being gentle with myself.

Start looking inward. Keep a journal. Mend your relationships. Hire a coach. Attend conferences. Read lots. Go to a shrink. Create stuff. Spend time by yourself. Meditate. Think. Go on retreats. Cook. Go for hikes.

Self-awareness and self-love are two of the most important qualities of a solo entrepreneur.

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