One part creative jam session.
One part brand vision & business strategy.

  • If figuring out your web strategy, social media marketing, and overall brand + visual presence as a solo entrepreneur has you running on fumes...
  • If you’re craving teamwork and creative collaboration, but don’t feel ready to hire someone full-time...
  • If the idea of having a freelance "Creative Director" in your back pocket makes you chair-dance with excitement...

The Visioneering Sessions.

Visioneering Session

Each Visioneering Session is a 60-minute branding and marketing deep dive, complete with support + additional materials tailored to you + your business. You’ll walk away with a clear, customized plan for how you’re going to grow your business over the next 3 months.

You’ll receive:


Actionable Takeaways
Next up: our phone call! Have you ever talked with someone about your business and the conversation just stayed up in the clouds of motivation and marketing clichés? This is not that. You’ll receive practical action steps that you can put into place immediately.

Visual Strategy
As a designer, I see a lot of missed visual opportunities in online marketing. I want to help you make the most of those opportunities. From social media to your website to your email marketing, I’ll give you detailed recommendations to make it all more cohesive and impactful. 

3 Month Strategic Map
After our call, you’ll receive your personalized 3 Month Visioneering Guide. This will be your roadmap for the next 3 months of your business. You’ll have total clarity on where to put your attention, and how every action step is growing your overall brand. 

A Personalized Workbook
Before our 60-minute phone call, I’ll page through your entire online presence (website, social media accounts, email campaigns, etc) to create your Visioneering Q&A Workbook - tailored to your specific business and industry. Once you’ve filled that in...

True Collaboration + Support
This experience is 100% customized to you and your business, so I want to honestly connect, understand you and your work, and then bounce ideas and strategic options back and forth. (I love this part!) Bonus!: Each session includes a week of text support starting 48 hours after our call.

Brainstorming & Strategic Planning
So focused on day-to-day priorities that long-term planning keeps falling off your to-do list? Your Visioneering Session is the antidote. Instead of trying to plan your next 5 years (unrealistic), we’ll go quarter by quarter. Doable and still highly strategic.


Meet your creative partner: Amanda Sandlin

Amanda Sandlin

Hello! I’m Amanda, and I’m an artist, designer and illustrator. I’ve been working in this space for 6 years and have been an entrepreneur for 3 of those. My business has grown 50% each year, but more than any stat, what matters most to me is the true joy I get from my work. I believe that, at its best, entrepreneurship isn’t just how we pay our bills, but it’s also how we express ourselves and create lives that we genuinely LOVE living. 

Visioneering Sessions are my way of connecting with other entrepreneurs to help sync up their passion with their strategy and visuals, because I’m convinced that a successful business needs all three of those things to be working in unison. 

Amanda has been one of my favorite business conversation partners for years. Her ideas are fresh, honest, and happiness-driven. Lots of folks have big opinions about entrepreneurship but don’t actually have the experience or creative chops to back up their advice. Amanda has both.
— Annika Martins,
Working with Amanda helped me take the next steps with my business. She really listened to me, quickly understood my vision and translated it from ideas into a tangible brand identity and strategy. This expert help freed me up to focus on the bits I am best at, providing support through the less familiar areas, and giving me the tools to move confidently into the future.
— Anna Paxton,

Single Visioneering Session: $250

A Year Of Visioneering (4 sessions): $900


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment plan?
For a year's worth of visioneering sessions, payments may be broken into four (4) payments of $225 over a four-month period.

How many calls are included?
If you select the single Visioneering Session above, we’ll get on the phone for one (1) audio conversation. If you choose the yearly option, then every 3 months, we’ll have a call. The yearly option is really great for someone who loves the idea of having an ongoing, marketing strategy partner.

Are you a business coach?
Nope. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 3 years and before that, I worked for a few other very successful online entrepreneurs for another 3 years. I’m offering these sessions based purely on my years of experience and the positive results I’ve generated in my own business and in my clients’.

As part of my Visioneering Session, will you design something for me?
The Visioneering Session does not include any design work. This is all about strategy, branding, and marketing planning. If you’d like to talk about design work, head over here. Strategy + design packages are available. Please email for more info.

Can you also help me with...?
Each Visioneering Session is focused on the big picture of your business and specifically, how you’re marketing your business. If you’re looking for more nitty gritty help (business operations, distribution or fulfillment options, virtual assistance, etc.) this is not for you.

Can I contact you for additional questions before booking?

Yes, absolutely! Feel free to email me: