Let It Snow

Let It Snow

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Let the ones you cherish most, know it. Empowering cards (that double as mini pieces of art!) for your sister, friends, mother, or other inspiring women in your life. Each card is signed by the artist and sent with love from Denver, Colorado.

In case you haven't met her yet... this is the #atwildwoman.She could be anywhere, but for now, she chooses to be here. She understands time and space and how sometimes you just have to wait for your dreams to catch up and flow into place.

Available as a single card or pack of 8 and comes with plain white envelopes. Printed on sustainably-sourced stock, uncoated interior for easier writing.

Please select "Card or Clothing" shipping at checkout and allow up to one week for fulfillment and shipping. For international orders not listed in available countries please email amanda@amandasandlin.com. Thank you!

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