Everywhere Is Up

Everywhere Is Up

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18" x 24" | acrylic, charcoal, and pen on stretched canvas

"Everywhere Is Up" is a large, colorful mixed media work on stretched canvas. It is bold and has a lot of positive energy. Inspiration from the piece came from the understanding that happiness can be chosen. It isn't a place you eventually arrive at, but rather, a mode of travel. It's maddeningly simple, much like "Everywhere Is Up". 

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Original work by Amanda Sandlin. Shipped with lots of love from Denver, CO. 

If you're interested in purchasing the whole collection, please email amanda@amandasandlin.com.

A percentage of all proceeds will go to cityWILD, a Denver-based non-profit that aims to engage youth in experiential learning opportunities that boldly address issues of inequity in education, economic opportunity, and access to the outdoors.

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