GRIT: A 30-Day Guidebook to Relentless Discovery for Visual Artists

GRIT: A 30-Day Guidebook to Relentless Discovery for Visual Artists


Short and sweet — here’s what’s inside this 47-page guidebook of artistic adventurousness:

  • 20 highly engaging creative prompts, ideal for those interested in the visual arts (especially painting, drawing, etc). Note: I will not ask you to draw your coffee cup. These are interesting, relevant, substantial prompts!
  • 4 weekly reflection exercises, which you can do directly in the guidebook.
  • Top resources for even more creative reflection and encouragement.
  • Tips and tricks to make creativity a true daily habit.
  • A free high-res download of a surprise #AtWildWoman!
  • ALL of my positive vibes!

This guidebook is interactive, so you can answer and take notes directly in the document, save, and return where you left off!

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Committing to a life of creativity isn’t always easy. It can be a tumultuous route of insecurity and frustration. It takes guts. It takes grit.

And it’s SO worth it.

Because after you spend some days making a bunch of stuff that doesn't feel right, one day you’ll make something you DO like. You’ll make something you can be proud of. And you’ll realize that the whole process has changed you, in the best way possible.

But to get there, you just have to make and make and make some more! Show up every day. Create relentlessly. Look inward. Dig deep. AND have fun!

Sounds like a pretty big undertaking, huh? I believe it’s possible for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be too dramatic of an affair.

That’s why I made GRIT: A 30-Day Guidebook to Relentless Discover for Visual Artists.

It’s a self-guided month of daily creative prompts and weekly reflective exercises — a potent mixture to discovering your true voice as an artist.

Every time I recommit to making art every day, every time I show up, every time I say “Okay, yes. I will keep going”… that’s when the magic happens. 

When you declare a beginning, a dedicated space and time for creating art, the tides shift.

I’m asking you to say yes right now.

Say yes to your art. Say yes to introspection. To just trying. Say yes, and see what happens.

Whether you get this guidebook now or in the future, I hope that you never give up on your creative dreams and desires. The world needs you. We need your voice. We need to hear what you have to say.

Never give up. Wake up. Show up. Grit.