100 Days of Independent Study

Who? Just me! Amanda. :)

What is it? For 100 days I will explore and study four new mediums, taking 25 days to experiment with each.

When & where? April 3 - July 12, primarily out of my Denver studio, however I will be traveling a bit this season, so my tools must be able to come along!

Why 100 days of "independent study"? In almost any traditional creative curriculum students undertake an 'independent study', where they are not closely supervised and are free to explore a subject matter of their choosing. Being self-taught, I experimented with art until I found something that "stuck" (for me that was drawing women, approximately two years ago), and I haven't veered much from that practice since. I am eager to explore totally new art forms and techniques in an experimental way, with the mindset of a student.

Here we go!

Days 1-25: Embroidery

Resources: (Updated regularly!)

Day 26-50: Announcing April 28

Day 51-75: Announcing May 24

Day 76-100: Announcing June 18